HOW TO: Create small DNG files from your RAW (for Photoshop-only users)

If you're a Photoshop/Camera-RAW only user, sending us a LR Catalog w/ Smart Previews, which is typically about 10% of the file size, isn't possible. Sending 10-20gb of RAW data can be challenging, so we ask & encourage you to export your RAW as small DNGs, by following these simple steps:

- Drag all your RAW files into Photoshop, which will pull up Camera Raw.
- Select all the files in the thumbnails, and press Save Images.
- Make sure the format is DNG, and the settings are the same as below.
- Transfer us the exported DNGs. You can discard these after you’ve transferred them over.
We will extract and send back XMPs, which you add to your RAW folder, and bring into Photoshop/Camera Raw.
Settings for the DNG export:
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