What is the difference between the 3 editing levels?

BASIC editing consists of adjustments to the main sliders (white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, vibrance, saturation). If needed, we will also apply blanket settings to the curve, split toning, lens correction, vignette, noise reduction, sharpening. If needed, we will also tweak the HSL values on various sequences.


BASIC+ editing consists of the same adjustments as BASIC, with the addition of burning & dodging, as well as cropping if requested.


BEST editing is an extension of BASIC+. We will work the files even further in LR. Based on your individual needs, we can do the following:

- Work with the adjustment brush to give the image more drama, bring out more colour, or to simply even out colours throughout an image.

- Remove minor distracting elements using the healing tool in LR

- Basic skin retouching (spot removal and light skin softening)

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