What is your refund policy?

- An order was placed but culling/editing hasn't started yet: We are able to issue a full refund.

- An order was placed, and the culling/editing was started: We are able to stop the process, and issue a partial refund for the untouched images.

- An order was completed, but there's an issue with the editing: Refunds can be issued only if we are notified of the issue first, and are unable to provide a satisfactory & timely resolution.


If your edits come back not looking quite right, you should get in touch with us right away. We stand by the quality of our work, and believe that our clients shouldn’t be re-editing their images.

We understand that photographers have their own deadlines to respect, so we make sure that corrections are handled with top priority, typically within 24hrs, or less. It can also happen that something went wrong on a technical level, and can be resolved very quickly.

We are only able to issue a refund/credit if we've been notified and are given the chance to make things right.

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