Handing over the post-production to someone else can definitely bring on a little bit of anxiety for any artist who really values what they do. We’re here to make sure you feel fully comfortable with the process. Over the course of the first few weddings, we will get to know you & your work. During that time, we ask for as much feedback as possible, and a little bit of patience as we customize our editing approach for you.
We have a couple of options on how to start working with us. If you have a wedding that’s ready to be edited, you can send it in to us, and your assigned editor will prepare some samples from it within a couple of days. This will help build a solid foundation, and get a lot of your preferences nailed down.

The second option is to prepare test images. We will prepare 5 images free of charge for you. These are always edited by one of our managers, who will communicate with you and take note of any specifics you may have. Once the images are approved, we create a folder at our studio with all your notes & feedback, so they can be applied on your future order(s).



All our clients get their own assigned editor as soon as they submit their first order. This helps keep things tailored to you, and consistent with each wedding you send our way. This person has been thoroughly trained by us, and knows the ins & outs of the editing process. Please keep in mind that photography & editing are subjective, and that one artist’s dislike, might be another’s preference. There is rarely an instance where edits are done wrong or poorly - our efforts are always the same, and sometimes a little extra tailoring is needed to meet your needs. We encourage you to communicate openly with your editor to make sure your expectations are met!



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We invite you to browse through the rest of our extensive Instructions, FAQ, and Troubleshooting articles, and of course get in touch with us if you have any lingering questions or concerns.

Thank you for being here!


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