How are the black and white images chosen?

You will see a few options for B&W conversions:

  1. "YES, all of them." This option is subject to a $50 surcharge when the image count is over 100 images, and a $25 surcharge for less than 100 images. Your editor will edit all the images in colour, and then create virtual copies and do a batch conversion to B&W, which will tweak the files automatically. 

  2. "YES, at our discretion." This option is free of charge. Your editor will choose which photographs should be converted to B&W. We encourage our clients to guide us through their usual process (i.e.: leave all details in colour; edit similar images in colour and B&W (one of each); keep entire sequences in colour OR B&W, with no mix; etc…). With this option, you will be able to specify what % we should convert to B&W (i.e.: 30% of the entire wedding).

  3. "NO." Your editor will keep all the images in colour.
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