Here are a few guidelines to make the editing process as smooth as possible:

  • Do not crop your images ahead of time. If you’ve chosen for us to crop your images, we will do so. If you wish to crop the images yourself, we ask that this be done after you receive the edits from us.

  • If you’re sending us RAW files, make sure you send us RAW files only, without the XMPs that come attached. Those XMPs can hold certain settings, and we want to make sure we start off clean.

  • If you’re familiar enough with LR catalogs, you can send us catalog files with smart previews, instead of individual RAWs. A Lightroom Catalog with Smart Previews takes up only about 10% of the space a full set of RAW files does, while still retaining all the information we need to get the most out of your photographs. It can drastically reduce the time it takes to transfer your files. You can read about creating a Lightroom Catalog w/ Smart Previews in this ARTICLE.


To transfer your files, you will need to log-in HERE, and use one of the upload tools at the bottom of the dashboard.

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